I am so grateful to have found Sandy and to participate in the PSYCH-K and Body Code work that she does. After my first Body Code session with her, I felt better and was put at ease by Sandy during the process. I definitely wanted to have more sessions with her, as I could feel issues being released during that first session. I am fortunate to continue to benefit from the work that Sandy does with me for the last 8 months, biweekly and then weekly. Since I started working with Sandy, she has added another amazing modality to the work she does, called PSYCH-K. Between the two healing methods, Sandy has helped me release a number of personal issues, stumbling blocks and stuck emotions. Some of my changes have been subtle, manifesting as new ways of thinking and acting when presented with situations that used to be a challenge to cope with. I’m less reactive to difficult situations and people in my day to day life. I am also aware of some instantaneous changes that now attract loving positive experiences and people to me. I am lighter of burdens and much more free to thrive as the person I was born to be. I will continue to have sessions with Sandy as long as I can into the future. Thank you, Sandy, for being the caring, intuitive, compassionate person that you are, and for helping me evolve into a happier person! I firmly believe that every person on the planet would benefit from Sandy’s work.

- Libby  Minnesota


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